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Sarit Shahar & Gideon Zehavi:
A playful dialogue on change: moving into generation Y leadership  

About the workshop
G: There is something to be said for letting-go, for passing-on DvT leadership to a promising generation Y digital nomad – wait, stop it! I can’t even understand the meaning of this sentence. I thought I was passing DvT leadership on to you Sarit, a real person … does all this “generational” mumbo-jumbo really matter? 
S: Gidi, I really respect you and all that you’ve done for our growing community, you know that. I am really trying to get the hang of it, but hey, give me some space, let me find my footing – and yes, there is a very real generational gap. 
G: I know, I’m sorry, it’s just that sometimes that leadership role takes over. I guess I’m scared of letting-go too, scared that you and the community won’t make it to the other side of change. I really trust in you and at the same time I’m also shaky… 
S: That’s certainly an experience we both share and I guess that instability and change are very present… and that always sucks. I’m scared that I’ll unintentionally mess-up something and all this separation process is really hard! 
Come and join Sarit and Gidi for a playfully real exploration of leadership change. 
About the speakers
Sarit Shahar is the up-and-coming leader of DvT Israel (ii).  She is a social worker, DvT & drama therapy practitioner. 
Gideon Zehavi is the former leader of DvT Israel (ii) and the current training director of DvT Cha, ShenZhen, China. He is a drama therapy & DvT practitioner, supervisor and teacher. 
Recent publications and conference presentations
Sarit had recently led a workshop in an Israeli conference on loss and bereavement. 
Gideon has led numerous workshops and presentations at DT, DvT and CAT conferences. He has written several papers and is currently working with Dina Fried, PhD. on applying DvT to ABR (art-based research). 
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