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Robert Miller:
Dismantling Power in the PlaySpace 
Some Particular Contributions of DvT for the Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect 

About the workshop
Sock Monkey, a new Play by Robert Miller II, 
‘When Kevin witnesses the murder of his mother and is placed in foster care he meets an imaginary friend named Sock Monkey and the healing begins’  
 This two character play (70 minutes without intermission) will be read and David Read Johnson will be the primary discussant with Robert Miller for identifying the unique and particular contributions of DvT for the treatment of child abuse and neglect.   
About the speakers
Robert James Miller II Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist practicing in Princeton, New Jersey. Dr. Miller provides child, adolescent, adult psychotherapy, specialized trauma centered therapy, and parenting/family consultation. He is a recognized expert in the field of forensic child psychology and bonding and provides expert witness testimony in court related child protection matters. Dr. Miller serves as a board member for a child abuse prevention program in schools (Miss Kendra) and has published several articles on the use of improvisational/arts process in trauma treatment for children and adults.
Recent publications and conference presentations
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