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Mathilde Grün-Levy:
Giving form to grief 

About the workshop
“All relationships are in the process of change, of expansion, 
and must be perpetually building themselves new forms.” 
                                                           Ann Morrow Lindbergh  
What happens when we lose someone? 
What is the subjective experience and which questions appear to us?
Do we mentally maintain the relationship that was - or can the relationship to the lost one be subject to change? 
This workshop raises questions evolving from a state of loss and encourages exploration of death and our search for meaning. It is not a final outcome, but rather a step in the process of finding a shape for a person (and a relationship) whom we do not want to disappear. 
In the workshop you are invited to explore the subjective meaning of loss and play with the questions that appear or have appeared to you in the process of grief. Looking at current therapeutic approaches to processing grief, you might also get a sense of the (possible, incomplete and inexact) way(s) that DvT supports the transformation of our finite relationships, as part of processing a painful but human and  very necessary journey.
About the speakers
Mathilde is a dramatherapist and a DvT practitioner, currently graduating from Institute Israel. She works as a child and youth therapist with groups and individual processes at the Israel ministry of Education, lead a private practice for children, parents and adults and supervise young therapists who work with children in special education frameworks. In the near past she has also had honour of living in Denmark and establishing the field of dramatherapy there.  
Recent publications and conference presentations
Mathilde is leading a workshops on DvT and working with children diagnosed with ASD at a seminar for therapists in Israel 
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