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John Hazlett Dickinson:
DEEVEE TEA met TADEUSZ KANTOR in a Dark Cellar. They whispered sweet nothings that were WILLFULLY MISUNDERSTOOD!! 

About the workshop
This  totally practical workshop plays with aesthetic and theatrical practice of both DvT and  Tadeusz Kantor, the auteur experimental Polish director, artist and sceneographer whose work changed the landscape of theatre and performance, how performances happened and where they happened.  
Kantor was based in Krakow, Poland; his life and work spanned both the Nazi occupation and the post WW2 Soviet puppet totalitarian  regime.  Kantor privileged objects in his performances as a response to the rendering of humans as objects during this period. He developed the idea of the Bio Object, the human performer as object, sometimes an actual fusion of person and object. His work is based on cultural, collective and personal memory. In Kantor’s work, humans do not behave naturally! 
DvT does not use actual objects in the playspace.  The DvT playor is the play object for the players /participants and can become whatever the players need. 
This playful workshop will focus on the conscious development of the human object as objects in the Playspace, and how this may be useful to the DvT practioner (Or Not). 
The workshop will be informed by Thing Theory and a misattuned dialogue between Kantor and DvT!
Participants of this workshop are asked to bring an everyday object!
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