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Jeroen Ward:
An inquiry of resistance. Words, Poetry, and Play

About the workshop
Resistance... That’s what I feel when I play.
Resistance... That’s what’s making me go into repetitions
Resistance... That’s what’s makes me search for connection

Working with (highly) gifted adolescents as a drama therapist has made me reflect more than ever on my own resistance as the playor, in close proximity to my clients in the playspace. A shared resistance against society, against (over) thinking and the overwhelming feeling of being in the here and now, always and never...
An ongoing, everlasting resistance that makes me and my clients both enter and leave the playspace, over and over again...

Because of my clients, all with an IQ of 130+, I’ve had to think of ways to lure them into the unknown, into the playspace. They so badly want to know and understand. Want to get a grip on the concept of the playspace, for this is the way society has always encounter them... "You’re smart/brilliant/a genius... You must know...”

This workshop is an insight in how I lure my clients into the playspace. Into the not knowing...
A process of Speaking -> InstantPoetry -> Playing... and back

And every step o fthe way, facing your own resistance.
About the speakers
I’m Jeroen Ward. A dramatherapist from the Netherlands, and for the last eight years a DvT practitioner.

As a drama therapist I’ve always worked with adolescents between the age of 12 and 22 years, and many of them I’ve encountered in the playspace.

DvT is an essential part of my work, and for the last four years, I’m working with highly gifted adolescents. Here, I’ve tried to intertwine my other passion into my work and DvT: InstantPoetry.

Playing in the playspace and playing with words in the heat of the moment are two things that make me feel alive and scared to death....
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