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Dina Fried:
Response Art/DvT: Move, Feel, Create and Respond

About the workshop
Art-Based-Research (ABR) and Developmental Transformations (DvT) are both approaches that originated from the creative arts therapies and are based in and draw upon their perspective art forms, visual art and drama, in theory and practice. The use of response art in art-based research builds on the concept of the art conversation by incorporating art created by the researcher in response to that created by the participants into the study’s methodology.
This workshop wishes to explore what emerges from an experiential and embodied process that is captured in an art form using art materials. Can response art contribute to DvT? Can DvT contribute to art therapy as we know it?
This year a 30 hour workshop was held for arts therapist working for the ministry of education examining theses exact questions. They were introduced to DvT and together explored and engaged in an artistic conversation between DvT, artmaking and their art modality.
This workshop will draw upon these experiences, it will focus on the playor and players subjective experiences; the emphasis will be put on lived experiences as they take place and intersubjective encounters as they unfold through response art and DvT play
About the speakers
Dina Fried, PhD. is an Arts therapist and DvT graduate. She is the academic coordinator of the master program in special education at Herzog Academic College. She is a therapist and field expert in arts therapy at the Ministry of Education and develops academic programs in fields of Special Education and art therapy.
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