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Casper Maas:
Where d(id)/(oes) our play/encounter end 

About the workshop
During the pandemic we’ve lost our freedom because of confinement. We had to quarantaine orisolate ourselves. We were restricted in our movement and expression. We weren’t able to meet upwith our friends, family, or loved ones, let alone play together with strangers and establish anencounter that makes our hearts spark with joy.More of our freedom became part of Po’a than we could have ever imagined.

But some people already experience these things day by day. It became apparent that my patientsworld didn’t change that significantly. So the questions started emerging...

Where does the freedom in play start and where does it end? What are parallels with the pandemicand the limited freedom patients experience in a Forensic Psychiatric Institution? What can we learnabout their experience of being locked up/locked down and can we transform even the tiniest roominto a playspace? Is the container of the playor enough or do we need more when the literal space isrestricted? And what happens when the encounter gets stripped ever so slightly from the play?

During this workshop participants will be challenged to explore their feelings while playing withfreedom within a realm of restrictions.
About the speakers
Casper studied at the Zuyd Hogeschool in the Netherlands and also did his training in theNetherlands. In the Netherlands he has worked in special education and has had a private practice.The last couple of years Casper has been dedicated working in a Forensic Psychiatric Hospital inBelgium. He has worked within a pre-therapeutic unit for women only with high security and careneeds and has recently changed positions working between units of the hospital.
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