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Brigid Wells & Nyree Turnock Robinson:
Safe Uncertainty

About the workshop
Decoding and translating lightly, with a willingness to play with shame, time-travelling-apology, resolution, acceptance and redemption...  
Making farting sounds with my mouth... the kid is reminded that it's me, playing as the monster... I hold his sideways gaze, as a hated object and loving champion of his journey back to centre. His symbolic mind is decoding a message that it wasn't his fault, that he can be both terrible and wonderful, terrified and capable. 
This little workshop looks at "Safe Uncertainty" and Brave Spaces,  that DvT creates, like the unfolding of a picnic blanket, welcoming the unknown contents of the picnic hamper...  
Aggression precedes transformation, through the nervous system, when we are listening in, for self-protection strategies.  
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