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Barbara Lau & Shelley Bockstael:
Teenage Lab 

About the workshop
Let's go back to teenagehood.

How can DvT and Creative arts resonate with each other to explore the complexity of being 16.
In this workshop we will propose an experience lab, connecting, deconnecting, reconnecting with the group, as we go through this teenage connection-separation dynamics. 

Time Travel Guaranteed!
About the speakers
Barbara Lau is a French dramatherapist; family therapist and DvT graduate.
She created the French DvT institute with Aurélia Hannagan. She practices drama therapy in France, in schools and in her private practice.
Shelley Bockstael is a Belgian dramatherapist; psychologist, traumatherapist, psychoanalyst, family therapist and DvT graduate. She is co-leading the Belgian DvT institute with Mathieu Van der Straeten & Wouter Desmet. She practices dramatherapy in Belgium, in a mental healtcare center, schools and her private practice. 
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